Remember what to do in the 20s

3 min readApr 9, 2021


1. Build skills

I know one thing for sure, Anyone can take anything away from you, but nobody can take away your skills.

When you know how to literally “do something with your hands” (writing counts), you’re unstoppable.

2. Absorb as much content as you can.

But not by reading Facebook or scrolling Instagram or swipe left and right on Tinder.

I am talking about the book, yes I highly recommend reading a book, because to change your perception about something your mind needs to know the root cause.

3. Be Responsible and Be Flexible

So what we do is that whenever we realize that we have done something wrong it may be anything ( your decision or work or maybe something else) we owe it to other people.

And whenever we feel that we have done something good then we make proud ourselves. I just want to add this thing to your wrong decision as well.

Also, be flexible, try to adjust yourself in every condition, It will solve many problems.

4. Take care of Your Health

At this age, many people just focus on one or two things and they really forget about their health and they know it’s important when something happens to them. But I want that before something happens to your body just take care of it.

And especially take care of your mental health.

5. Learn to live simply

If I am honest, I am incredibly sick of the talk of greatness. There’s too much of that on the Internet — everyone wants to become the next Steve Jobs (or believes they will).

Relax. There’s no point to life. (But we should live it anyway.)

Being our best version doesn’t mean drinking champagne and eating caviar with a spoon. That’s not my best version, anyway.

I want to live simply. To buy groceries, to walk the dog, to exercise, write, spend time with my family, in nature, and learn to not feel jealous of other people’s success. I want to learn to let go of comparisons and just be.

I want to build a ‘happiness muscle.’ To learn to be in the moment. To enjoy life as it comes.

But it’s a long process.

This is why it’s worth starting earlier.

6. Don’t compare your self with other

Never try to do this thing, maybe you not realize this until you lost your own version.

By doing this thing, there is more chance that you have not become as other but there chance that you lose your own version.

Every person has their own imagination and skill power and it is not necessary that you also have that same.

So instead of comparing yourself with others try to find your own skill and imagination about what you can do better.

So I mean to say that, Never let others decide your path

7. Do Things Faster

why I say faster?, not because you have less time or you have to do more things, but I am saying to do things faster just because we don’t know how many opportunities are there in the field that you are doing.

And if there is less opportunity then you must have to arrive as soon as possible.

Yeah, you are thinking right, When you sleep there are many people who work hard for the same thing.




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